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Discover the islands of Lanzarote and Gran Canaria with our official and professional guides, who will show you the main attractions and the best landscapes. You can choose long tours for the entire day or the express options.

Some tricks to see the most at the best price

Alone or with a guide? Which are the most recommended places to visit? Which excursions to choose, The North tour, The South tour, Grand tour? How much they cost?

What tricks should we know to see the most at the best price?

Recommendations about traveling with children. These are some of the questions that our visitors ask. We want to help you out planning your trip and recommend some information and excursions around the island, but you will have to invest a little time to make a good and a proper decision. Here are a couple of tips to follow.

Which is better, see the island on my own or take a tour with an official professional guide?

By experience, the visitor who didn't have at least one guided tour, loses relevant information about the landscapes and the tourist places.
For example, why in La Geria there are more than 300,000 holes and more than 100,000 walls? Why the green lagoon is green? Why the windows and doors of Lanzarote only have 4 colors? What is an alcogida? How did Cueva de los verdes & Jameos del Agua have been created. Well, let's be reasonable, travellers are not all the same. Some are sending selfies to their friends ... and they have had a great time. But others, however, expect something more. For those who expect more, visit the island with a guide is something essential. We are here for the two groups ... the first ones we guide you virtually to pick your preferred option and the second ones we're happy to see you joining our guided group. For that reason, whether you want to go in a rented car or you will let us accompany you, we already have prepared a GUIDE LANZAROTE page that explains and gives the schedules of all the available activities to do and what you should visit in this small island. With the aim that you will not be missing anything.

How to make a good decision to book?

Telling you that we are the best in Lanzarote would not be a novelty. According to this criteria, on the Internet there isn't a company that sells something expensive or bad.

How to know how to distinguish it is true?

First, to visit the most famous sightseeing of Lanzarote (Timanfaya 10 €, Jameos 9.50 €, Cave 9.50 €) you have to pay anyway the tickets. With a guided tour always cheaper and convenient, and always check what included in the tickets. Sometimes it is mentioned a lot of places that the bus passes by but does not stop.

Ask is wise. It is not enough to rent a car!

You will need to see if you have to pay franchise? what kind of insurance has it? if you retain it on your card? etc. Lack of knowing these informations brings you a disappointment immediately at the airport or a bit after when you start your holidays. In this page we give you updated information about the prices of the tickets so that you can make the best decisions, at home, without haste. Also information of the OFFERS with entrances packages, excursions in Lanzarote according to season, dinners offers and concerts in Jameos del Agua, regular public bus schedules, Ferry tickets and schedules, etc. Lanzarote is a quiet island, with white beaches and a warm climate throughout the year. It is an island with more than 300 volcanoes and with very beautiful places to visit and will just impress everyone. Some of these places are the volcanic caves of Jameos del Agua and the Cueva de los Verdes. Timanfaya National Park, recent volcanic zone (year 1824) where today there are still temperatures of 200 ℃ in the surface ... There are also viewpoints where the view is lost in the infinite Atlantic Ocean. And we must not forget, unlikely agricultural landscapes, La Geria, Enarenados, etc. And, of course, also its history and its culture and gastronomy.

If you have any doubts you can contact us, and we will be pleased to answer all your questions. We are always willing to help you.

Lanzarote and Gran Canaria Excursions

You can find our excursions anywhere in Lanzarote and Gran Canaria.
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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

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